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Software Development Services

Software development is the translation of a user need or marketing goal into a software product. Software development is sometimes understood to encompass the processes of software engineering combined with the research and goals of software marketing to develop computer software products. This is in contrast to marketing software, which may or may not involve new product development.

It is often difficult to isolate whether engineering or marketing is more responsible for the success or failure of a software product to satisfy customer expectations. This is why it is important to understand both processes and/or facilitate collaboration between both engineering and marketing in the total software development process.

Marketing involvement is also known as software requirements analysis. Because software development may involve compromising or going beyond what is required by the client, a software development project may stray into processes not usually associated with engineering such as market research, human resources, risk management, project management, disaster management, crisis management, etc. These processes may also cause the role of business development to overlap with software development.

Uniorange solutions provides full cycle software development services where we have hone our processes and skills to cater to customer’s specific business needs.. From solution design and software development to application support and enhancement, Uniorange solutions provides a compelling alternative to reduce development costs, while gaining an experienced, technically proficient IT partner to improve the quality of software solutions and compress development time and time to market. According to your specific needs and budget, we will develop the optimal custom software solution meeting urgency of the business need and productivity statement. At Uniorange solutions we use the most effective technologies to offer our customers applications which are tailored specifically to their requirements and within their budget.

By providing our customers with the highest-skilled teams and a world-class infrastructure, we can ensure the quality and reliability of the products we build for you.